Nathanael Larochette is an Ottawa based guitarist and member of the chamber folk trio Musk Ox and the instrumental progressive metal band The Night Watch. 


Earth and Sky is the new double album from Musk Ox/The Night Watch guitarist Nathanael Larochette. Consisting of two distinct yet complimentary albums, Earth is a collection of solo classical guitar works which act as the stark acoustic counterpart to Sky, a layered 40min ambient electric composition. The neofolk and post rock influences which inspired the creation of Musk Ox are each given their own space to breathe and evolve on Earth and Sky, creating an ever unfolding work of intimate vastness.

"Between the earth and the sky

Is where we find our lives

Each reality cradled

By the sands of time

Manifest in breath

Our strands of mind

Form knots of perception

Which our hands unwind

Revealing treasures sublime

Once buried inside

What we define as our lives

Between the earth and the sky"


The Earth and the Sky

--Nathanael Larochette

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