Musk Ox

Nathanael has been composing and performing instrumental classical guitar music since 2006. His musical endeavors began under the stage name "Musk Ox", which over time gained additional members and evolved into the present three-piece where he is joined by cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne and violinist Evan Runge. With two full-length albums, three self-recorded demos and two compilation appearances to their name, Musk Ox has established itself as a creative force in the world of Neofolk. Click the button below to listen to the music, visit the online store, and read the latest news and press releases related to Musk Ox:

"Between the earth and the sky

Is where we find our lives

Each reality cradled

By the sands of time

Manifest in breath

Our strands of mind

Form knots of perception

Which our hands unwind

Revealing treasures sublime

Once buried inside

What we define as our lives

Between the earth and the sky"


The Earth and the Sky

--Nathanael Larochette

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