The Night Watch

Nathanael performs, composes, and plays electric guitar in Ottawa-based instrumental/progressive/metal band The Night Watch. The four piece, composed of guitar, drums, fretless bass and violin, blend a wealth of emotional and musical influences into dynamic and cinematic soundscapes. 


The Night Watch's first recorded testament is an ambitious instrumental adventure through a wide range of genres. Blending influences from styles such as folk metal, black metal, jazz, swing, neofolk, and post-rock, The Night Watch aims to embrace these dynamic possibilities with a spirit of exploration akin to the progressive rock bands of the 1970's. 


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"Between the earth and the sky

Is where we find our lives

Each reality cradled

By the sands of time

Manifest in breath

Our strands of mind

Form knots of perception

Which our hands unwind

Revealing treasures sublime

Once buried inside

What we define as our lives

Between the earth and the sky"


The Earth and the Sky

--Nathanael Larochette

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